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First Impressions count, especially online and your Logo is the first thing visitors to your website see. Give your business the edge with a Pro Designed Logo that won't break the bank and turn more visitors into customers today... 

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Logo Doll was founded by Noel Cunningham and has been selling Pro Logo Designs to Independent Businesses and Design Agencies for a number of years with Thousands of Happy Customers all over the World using our Logos.

Noel Cunningham

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I have been using Logo Doll for over a year now. I can't say enough about the benefits in terms of time saving, in addition to the fabulous designs... all the logos are organized into individual files in formats such as PSD and PNG. Highly recommended! 

Love Noel's Logo Doll! With Logo Doll I'm able to have multiple designs, get inspiration and even create a good portfolio for potential clients... I'd recommend Logo Doll to any creative who wants to take the headache out of logo design.

- Wael Shamsedin

- Terassah Thompson

- Jared Doyle

- Don Headley

The Logo's were phenomenal. I use them every month for different projects. I've even created a logo for my wife's projects as well and she loves it too.

- Ray Antonelli

- Debbie McInturff

I started with Logo Doll in February. I needed a Logo and really liked what I saw from Logo Doll, I just had to own all those Logos to get my creative juices flowing and help me create my own Logo. I am so happy with Noel's software, he is my go to for all my software needs.

I had been looking for a way to have a personal logo created and Logo Doll is the perfect solution that fits my needs. Instead of having to think up a design for a logo, I can simply just select one that fits my preference and edit it to my specifications. It's so simple!!

I purchased Logo Doll and have really enjoyed using it.  It is easy and fun and has saved me lots of money now that I don't have to pay someone else to do my logos... I would recommend to anyone looking to create their own logos.

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